Why algorithms will never replace a shielded RFID reading

The importance of accuracy in RFID tunnels

The adoption of RFID tunnels in inventory management has revolutionized the retail industry, providing real-time visibility of the stock, automated management, and increased operational efficiency. However, as with any technology, various approaches can be taken when implementing RFID technology, and the level of accuracy achieved can vary greatly depending on the solution used.

Certain providers that offer RFID tunnels which can not guarantee 100% reading precision by themselves have resorted to the use of machine learning to compensate and seek a higher accuracy. Although this solution might seem appealing in the short term due to its lower investment, it does not achieve 100% reliability. 

When it comes to inventory management in the retail industry, accurate readings are crucial, and having a deviation of just 1% could result in significant economic losses, making the initial investment much higher in the long term.

A more precise approach is to use an RFID tunnel that can guarantee error-free readings even at high speed, such as Clustag’s RFID tunnels. 

It is important to understand why machine learning can never fully replace accurate readings from the tunnel itself and why accurate readings from the machine are crucial for effective RFID inventory management:

Algorithms cannot contemplate all variables

While it is true that machine learning can improve certain aspects of inventory management, it can never fully compensate for an inaccurate tunnel that generates bad readings. Algorithms may improve accuracy to some degree, but since there is always a part that the algorithm cannot contemplate, there will always be a margin for error.

Moreover, if the accuracy is seeked solely through an algorithm, one must always expect software updates and algorithm corrections, resulting in a never-ending commissioning process. On the other hand, an accurate tunnel will always provide error-free reliable readings with little maintenance, making it a more dependable solution for precise inventory management.

The speed of Clustag’s RFID tunnels

Many believe that by using machine learning the reading process can be sped up. However, at Clustag we are certain that using an algorithm is not only not the fastest solution but also not the most reliable.  

Our investment in designing a more compact and reliable RFID tunnel than those available in the market has allowed us to achieve significantly faster readings without the need for an algorithm. Our RFID tunnels can quickly and accurately read 100% of the content in a box in just seconds, reading up to 400.000 tags per hour.

It’s important to note that relying solely on machine learning to compensate for an inaccurate machine can never fully replace a highly accurate solution like Clustag’s RFID tunnels.

Clustag tunnels can read all types of RFID tags

Retailers who are already working with RFID technology know there is a wide range of RFID tags available on the market, each with varying technical requirements for a successful reading. This is a hurdle that many retailers struggle to overcome when selecting an RFID reading solution that will meet their needs.

At Clustag, we ensure our RFID tunnels are prepared to read all different tag generations and can read them on various products without requiring setup adjustments, therefore ensuring 100% accurate readings every time.  

On the other hand, it would be impossible for an algorithm to consider the different setups, tag sensitivities, and tag generations that a client may encounter throughout the year, while an accurate RFID tunnel will ensure that all tags are read correctly, regardless of the setup.

False negatives and false positives can increase costs

Using an algorithm may seem like a cost-effective solution for RFID inventory management. However, although it might be cheaper than investing in a high-quality RFID tunnel, the potential cost of inaccuracy caused by the algorithm can be much higher than the original investment. 

Algorithms are not error-free, which makes them prone to provide false rejections, therefore leading to increased costs due to the need to redo the entire process. 

This implies that there could be instances where packages are inaccurately rejected or accepted by the system, leading to discrepancies in inventory and potentially hindering operational efficiency.

On the other hand, Clustag’s RFID tunnels provide accurate readings with no false rejections or false approvals, ensuring boxes will only go to an audit station when there is a true mistake. This makes Clustag’s RFID tunnels a more reliable and cost-effective option in the long run.

Why choose Clustag

At Clustag, we believe that accuracy is key when it comes to RFID readings. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to developing top-notch RFID tunnels with 100% accuracy rate, making them faster and more reliable than other similar products in the market. 

With inaccuracies and false rejections eliminated, reprocessing costs are no longer something to be worried about, automatically increasing your inventory management efficiency and effectiveness. 

Choose Clustag to guarantee precise, reliable RFID readings every time.

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