Choosing the Right Partner: 4 Strengths Warehouse Integration Specialists Should Look for in Tech Providers

In an ever-evolving material-handling market, warehouse integration specialists are tasked with keeping on top of the latest innovations. They must work quickly to implement solutions that, regardless of the industry they are being deployed into, provide reliability, accuracy and cost efficiency.

Integrators play a crucial role in enabling their clients to harness the full potential technology. However, integrators must partner with the correct technology provider to ensure they not only have the most up-to-date solutions place, but that they are also receiving optimal value from their deployments.

Meanwhile, partnering with a technology provider who offers a poor service can lead to damaging effects, including loss of revenue, reduced efficiency and missed opportunities for growth. Technology providers must deliver additional value to their partners alongside the solutions they deploy to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

In this blog, we outline 4 key areas that warehouse integration specialists should consider when selecting their tech partners…

Focus and Expertise

When choosing a partner, working with a technology supplier that specialises in one focused area can deliver a range of benefits. At Clustag, we focus solely on warehouse logistics automation, and with our flagship RFID MOT Station, we have gained a deep knowledge of RFID technology that is matched by few others. This enables us to remain consistently informed on the latest developments, updates and challenges within this field, allowing our solution to be implemented as effectively as possible.

This level of expertise enables us to assist integrators during their partnership with clients, from our RFID MOT Station’s pilot stage through to full rollout and beyond, quickly addressing issues and offering expert guidance. This ensures that we can continually provide the best possible service to integrators.

An All-In-One Global Solution

Warehouse integration specialists need to be able to deploy technology quickly and effectively. An all-in-one solution allows end customers to benefit from their new technology immediately, minimising downtime and its associated costs. With our RFID MOT Station, integrators globally can install a solution that is robust, safe and requires only a specialised installer to deploy. With minimal support and assistance, integrators can deploy the technology quickly and without complication, regardless of location, allowing them to provide a better service to their clients around the world.

Accuracy and Reliability

Integrators must provide a reliable service and the key to achieving this lies within accurate solutions. Adopting these types of technologies increases the credibility of warehouse integration specialists, with end users experiencing minimal issues with their solutions. However, a robust and reliable solution also reduces the risk of complications once it is fully deployed.

Our RFID MOT Station delivers precision to bulk fulfilment and shipping processes by scanning over 1,200 boxes per hour with 99.92%* accuracy. By scanning RFID tags in an enclosed space, our scanners can be used at full power – ensuring an accurate, reliable reading of all inventory.

Maintaining Quality Through Support

Technology is constantly advancing, with new solutions being introduced on a regular basis. As a result, integrators must partner with technology providers who can provide regular maintenance and upgrades on these deployments directly.

At Clustag, we provide high-quality after-sales support that ensures our deployments operate effectively and provide optimal value to our customers. By providing regular maintenance on our integrations, we deliver high-quality service throughout the product lifecycle on behalf of our partners. This allows integrators to consistently deliver value to their clients, who receive regular support from us on behalf of the integrator.

Integrated Success

With an abundance of new technologies to choose from, warehouse integration specialists must partner with technology providers who are able to provide maximum value from their solutions and receive additional support.

When it comes to RFID implementation, wrong deployment can be costly. Without a reliable and accurate RFID solution in place, users compromise their inventory accuracy. The knock-on effect of this disrupts the entire ecosystem. Without visibility of stock, users are prone to increased costs through waste, transport and storage. Their replenishment practices remain inefficient, and they will struggle to fulfil orders, ultimately delivering a poor customer experience. If integrators partner with the wrong technology provider, they will not be able to deliver value to their customers and develop long-term relationships that drive business success.

At Clustag, we work closely with integrators to ensure that they can meet the needs of their customers. Our RFID MOT Station is easy to deploy, highly accurate and reliable. It creates operational efficiency throughout the supply chain, and with real-time visibility of stock, it enables users to deploy omnichannel fulfilment solutions that create convenient, streamlined experiences on the shop floor. This leads to improved customer experiences that drive loyalty.

As part of our service, we regularly maintain and provide upgrades to our deployments to ensure that they continue to operate effectively and help integrators provide the best possible value to end users.

To find out more about how Clustag can help warehouse integration specialists deliver supply chain automation to their clients, talk to us today.

*Results obtained from mass testing for products labelled according to Auburn University’s international standards, and for items composed of non-conflicting materials for RFID environments.

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